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CGPills is fast, professional and adapts to your needs.

Born in december 2012, we are a dynamic company with special care for quality. We use our experience to manage a motivated team for each challenge to get the best results for the proposed goals. From a promotional video to demanding VFX daily deadlines we may be fun but we are also serious and efficient when delivering projects.

John Doe

Álvaro Casares

Has background in graphic design and 3D animation. Experience in University 3D teaching and team supervision/coordination develop a creative and technical director role @ CGPills. linkedIn Álvaro  We don't mean to bore you with words, let our jobs talk for ourselves.

Jane Helf

Josep Hernandez

Experience since 1995 in University teaching, team management and project supervision. Has experience in script writting and storytelling but please, feel free to check complete profile at linkedIn Josep  We enjoy and try to show our skills with images and projects, not words.

Joshua Insanus


We adapt our team size to the project needs.

As we wok in a variety of projects from Animation to VR, Coding, Outsourging, VFX with daily deliveries... Each team is designed and sized for the needs of the subject poposed. New times, new solutions.

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